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Welcome To ptecksweb!

Do you have a website that's not getting the job done?  Do you want to create a web presence that accurately reflects your business?  Do you want to ensure that your website is completely integrated with your other means of reaching your customers?

If you've answered yes to any of those questions and are looking for ways to make them happen, ptecksweb can help!

ptecksweb believes that the foundation of a website that works for your business is understanding what your business is all about.  Developing a knowledge of your market, your clients, your competition and the way that you operate is key to being able to create a site that is an effective business tool.

There are millions of websites in existence today.  What is it that differentiates sites that work from those that don't?  Sites that work have a clearly defined business purpose and have been designed and built to effectively achieve that purpose.  Not all websites share the same objective and therefore no one design is best for everyone.  Whether you want to build your corporate identity, drive traffic to your bricks-and-mortar store, integrate your traditional marketing with online programs or cut the over-all cost of doing business, ptecksweb can deliver a site that works for you.

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