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Web Applications

Information contained in a database can be the basis of a powerful web application delivered to your customers from your website.  Web applications can be created to view and manipulate the database information from the users browser.   Applications such as e-commerce rely on information contained in some form of database to be extracted and displayed as requested by the user.

Web based business solutions that access a database of information generally require two components:

  1. Your website hosting service must support a data access mechanism
  2. Your web pages must contain script that accesses the database

Three common web application scripting languages are:

  1. Active Server Pages
  2. ColdFusion
  3. PHP

Each environment has its own avantages and disadvantages, but each can accomplish similar tasks of accessing data and creating dynamic web pages based on the data being extracted.  The business objective of the website will ultimately determine which scripting language makes the most sense to use.

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