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The internet has spurred the growth of many technologies that are being used on websites today.  Which of these technologies should you use on your website?  Some technologies that are very effective on one site may simply be a distraction or a nuisance to the user of another site.  The business purpose of your website should drive which technologies are used and not the other way around.  The ptecksweb process of understanding your business and the strategic objective of your website, will ultimately result in the choice of the technology that is used for content presentation.

One of the largest factors to consider when deciding on which technologies to employ on your website is your target audience.  Are you aiming at a particular demographic or do you want your site to be accessible by anyone surfing the internet?  Website content delivery technology changes rapidly, but what the end users see is ultimately determined by the level of technology at their end.  To ensure that your entire target audience can effectively use your website, it may be necessary to make use of multiple technologies that present a high quality interface to any number of internet browsing tools.

Areas of technology to consider are:

  • The General Presentation Mechanism - the general look and feel of your website
  • Web Applications - making data accessible to your customers
  • Flash - delivering powerful multimedia components
  • Streaming Video - delivering video over the web

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