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The visual presentation of your website is the first impression that your potential customer will have of your business.  The next and perhaps most lasting impression of your website will be created by how easy it is to find the information that the site visitor is looking for. 

The basis for your website is most likely to be a series of web pages created with html.  Beyond that basis, the remainder of the site's technology will be determined by the business objective.  The look and feel of the website can be established by basic choices of color and font face used.  The look and feel can then further enhanced by the use of some form of images.  Images may be enhanced digital photos or icons, logos or buttons that are presented to your site's visitors.   Visual impact and ease of use can often be improved by using javascript or cascading style sheets.

The navigation of the site is best setup to allow the user to get to the information that they want with the fewest number of mouse clicks.  Achieving this objective starts with a carefully considered map of what the website will look like once completed.  Navigation can potentially be enhanced by making use of javascript or frames.

Ultimately form follows function and the technologies implemented in the general presentation of your website will be determined by the what it is that your site needs to accomplish.

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