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Streaming Video

Video can be an effective means of delivering many messages from product advertising to corporate communications.  Video can be delivered from your website across the internet for these or any other purposes in a cost effective manner.   Consider the following potential uses for video delivered over the internet:

  • internal corporate communications
  • external corporate communications
  • eLearning
  • training
  • information dissemination
  • product advertising

If you currently have video productions that you would like to deliver to your customer, your website might just be the perfect place to launch them from!  Existing analog or digital video can be quickly and easily converted to a format that can be delivered from your website.  The technology used to view the video at the user's end is currently not standard and will depend on the software installed on the user's system.  The main streaming video viewers in use today are QuickTime player, RealPlayer and Windows Media player.  Depending on the target audience, video can be made available on your website for delivery to any of those viewers and configured for delivery across a range of internet connection speeds.

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